The last minute holiday rush is officially on! Do you have a synchronized swimmer to check off your list? Don’t fret! We’ve come up with a list of gift ideas to help you out.


  1. Everyday Pool Gear

Where you can find it: athletic stores like SportChek, Team Aquatic Supplies


As swimmers, there are things we go through all the time. Nose plugs, goggles, caps and bathing suits are essentials that will get used regularly. (Big fluffy towels also feel pretty great when we hop out of the pool!)


  1. More Synchro!


Is your competitive swimmer looking for more coach time? Visit our private tech schedule and sign them up for a session.


If your recreational swimmer who is starting to fall in love with our sport (who can blame them!) a new session of rec lessons will begin in January. Register online here. If you have a swimmer, gymnast, dancer or actor who is looking to explore something new, we just might have what they’re looking for! Join us in the pool this January!


  1. A World-Class Synchro Experience

Where you can find it: Quebec City


Artistic Swimming Canada will host the 7th stop in the FINA Artistic Swimming World Series from May 30 – June 1, 2019 in Quebec City. In last year’s event, our very own national team competed against some of the world’s best from Ukraine and Japan just to name a few. Although ticket information has not been published yet, we’d still be pretty pumped with an IOU. Keep your eye on Artistic Swimming Canada’s website.


  1. A Training Buddy


Synchro swimmers are always looking for friends to train with. We’re team oriented by nature! Help us stretch by providing some resistance, giving us a little push or pulling our feet out further in our splits. Even if you don’t know our routine like we do, you could film us land drilling so that we can watch it and self correct. Although we get a lot of training at the pool, active rest like family walks or playing at the park is a great way to work out all the stress we put on our bodies at practice.


  1. Swim Bag Snacks


Synchronized swimming burns a tonne of calories and food consumption is really important to help fuel our practices and build our muscles. Look for snacks that include protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. Check out this article for some ideas.


  1. Inspirational Books


There is no shortage of inspirational athletes or stories in the world. Let us exercise our brains while our bodies take a break this holiday season. Here’s a link of some top sports reads from 2018.


  1. The Future of Our Sport


Donations on our behalf are an incredible way of recognizing the impact this sport is having on our lives. Sponsoring BSSC, Artistic Swimming Canada or Team Canada are incredible ways to declare your support for our sport, its athletes and the sporting system in Canada.