“Inspired” does not even begin to describe the performances BSSC athletes gave this weekend at Synchro Ontario’s West Regional Championship at Victor Davis Pool in Guelph. The weekend was an excellent demonstration of how hard our athletes and coaches have been working and how our teams are bonding.


“My favourite moments were watching teams hold hands before walk-on, listening to the funny cheers, dances and inside jokes of our teams as they try and pump themselves up for their big swims,” said Head Coach Elly. “Competitions are hard, they are stressful, they are filled with as much disappointment as success sometimes, but these moments of support, challenge, excitement, pride, “grit” are what we are all really here for. I am so proud of this club, its athletes and their coaches for such a job well done this weekend.”


Nine BSSC teams competed and medaled in every single event they were registered in. Out of the 18 medals that were won at this event, 13 of them were gold.



10&U Pre-Set Duet – Asria & Sophie

10&U Figures – Jennifer

13-15 Figures (Exhibition) – Cici

13-15 Figures – Morgan

13-15 Duet – Morgan & Claire

16-20 Technical & Free Team – Orange Team

16-20 Free Duet – Grace & Emma

Open Free Combination

19-34 Masters Free Solo – Helen

19-34 Masters Team

SSWCD Level 3 Figures & Solo – Melanie



10&U Team – Gold Team

11-12 Team – Pink Team

13-15 Figures – Claire



13-15 Solo – Kezia

13-15 Team – Purple Team


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